So..What else is new …?

The olympics is over for about a week now and it´s been time to take care of all the things that should have been done while sitting in front of the tv.
Half the roof has been fixed because of leaking water into the porch etc. Hopefully I have done it properly now.
There´s been some small leaks that has been spotted with the latest rain but i think I managed to sealed it since. And there´s been some other boring housework too but I leave that..
The shooting has been on and off. Have found out that there are some tiny frogs crawling around all over the place and I have tried to shoot some but they are fast those little creatures.
Have uploaded one or two shoots in the album.
Otherwise we also have some kind of smaller Hawks that is living and breeding a few meter from the house. Been trying to get something on them too
but it would be so much eysier with that 70-500mm :-).  Well I can crawl around the flower bushes with the Macro until santa delivers that in a few years or so.