A Day with Jay Maisel

One of the photographers I admire most is Jay Maisel because he has kind of a laidback approach to the whole thing.
I saw this video by Scott Kelby where he´s spending a Day with Jay walking the streets of New York.
Mr Kelby keept asking what Aperture to take this and that shoot, What lens, How Jay thought when he took that shoot and so forth.
Basicly the nerdie questions.. And Jay just answered that he don´t think that much about these things. He just take pictures.
I specially liked one situation in the video were Jay stopped on the sidewalk and looked over to the other side where there was a colourful wall and people walked bye. He said that they could stand here for a awhile and capture some interesting people.
Everytime Mr Kelby took a shoot he looked down on the camera to see what he captured and everytime he looked up again he saw someone walk bye and said ” Ohh..I missed that..”
Jay never looked down on his camera. He just stod there waiting for right person to pass.
I can recomend the Video: “A day with Jay Maisel” or “Another day with Jay Maisel ”
If you blink you can miss the shoot of your life..


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