Result of the Pet photo competition is here…

Well I made it to the list of  Highly Commended Images and I´m very pleased with that. Didn´t expect it all to be honest..
Congrats to Donfer Lu for winning and a great picture..

Nice visit..

Had a two Buzzards visiting the neighborhood yesterday. They are really majestic with there wide wingspan.
Unfortunately I had forgotten to load the camera batteries and it was raining and all other sad excuses so I tried to shoot it thru the livingroom window from a long distance.
It doesnt help to have the Photoshop from hell to sharpen this enlargement.
Hope to see them again soon and this time be prepared outside on a much closer range.

Do I have to write something too ?..

Oppss..!  I´ve forgotten I had this blog and that I have to write something too.
Well,  what´s new then..It still is a “shitty weather” but we have no snow left and that is great.
All the Swans and Cranes are back on the little lake as they are every spring and making a terrible noise.
A perfect oppertunity for some shooting, when the weather gets better.
Been trying to get some closeup shoots on the smaller birds thats just outside the kitchen window.
The Blackbirds are the difficult ones, but the remote comes in handy in some situations.
Have entered a photo contest by Burrard-Lucas Photography just for fun.
It´s a pet photo competition and last years entries were realy great.
There´s a Landscape competition too and if I have enough balls I may send one entrie..We´ll se.