” Shitty ” weather !

Was hoping for a few days of fine “shooting” since I´ve been seeing a couples of good places. But now we have had a big storm going throu here a couple of days ago and today it´s been raining so the little snow that was left has turned into ice.  Everything is so boring grey too.
But I have my hopes though, since last year at this time we got alot more snow than we asked for…

The first real post on this blogg !

So..this is my first real post on my blogg. I thought I would get the whole blogg finnished before
the new year but there are still some small things left to do.
The Photos you´ll see in the gallery is some of my work and will hopefully be updated regularly.
Feel free to leave a comment or just to say hello.
Well.. A Happy new year to all of you and lets hope that 2012 will be a much better year then 2011.